How do I sign up?
Please call me at 216-401-9129 or email me at tobysontherun@gmail.com.

When do I pick-up my box?
Produce is available for pick-up on Mondays from noon until 10:00pm. If you cannot pick up by the evening, please call me to make alternate arrangements.

Where do I pick-up my produce?
The produce is on my front porch. Once you contact me and sign up, I will send you my address. When the temperature is below freezing, I keep the boxes inside my garage. You can enter thru the side of the house to access the garage and find your produce. You may pick any box as long as it is not labelled with a name.

Do you have delivery?
Currently, I provide delivery to Beachwood, Pepper Pike and parts of Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights. Delivery is $5/week extra.

What if I can’t pick-up my produce one week?
Once you sign up for a week, you are responsible for the box. If you are unable to pick-up your box on Monday, I can keep the box in my garage for a couple of days. If you can not receive the produce at all, you can make arrangements for someone else to pick up the produce or I will use it.

What are 2nds?
At the food terminal, there is organic produce that stores won’t accept because the produce is blemished or close to its expiration date. I get a great deal on these cases of produce. I pass this bonus on to you. I am able to put more in your box with these extra items. Most of the time, the 2nds produce is perfectly usable and delicious. Many times I can buy something as 2nds that we would normally buy from a store at full price!

What if I am allergic to/ don’t like a particular vegetable?
You can tell me at the start or as we go if you don’t want something. I will accomodate you. Your box will be labelled with your name.

What else do you offer?
Each week I provide recipe ideas for use with the produce you are receiving. Also, you are welcome to check back to older posts from this website for recipe ideas.


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