Organic Boxed Produce for Fall 2016

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the glorious fall we’ve been having. I am ready to start providing fresh organic produce to the community now that the CSAs have ended. I can offer produce every week but it seems like biweekly works better.

Here’s the biweekly schedule:
November 7th
November 21st
December 5th
December 19th

Fee schedule if you sign up before November 6th
All 4 weeks – $100
3 weeks – $75
2 weeks – $50
1 week – $25

$5/week extra for delivery.
If you would like to just order week to week, the rate is $30. Orders need to be placed by the Friday before the Monday you want produce.

Please reply with the dates that you’d like to get produce.

If you would like produce more often than biweekly, please indicate which dates you would like in addition to the ones I’ve listed. If there is enough demand, I will add more dates to the schedule.

If you have any questions about how this all works, please see my website, or feel free to email or call me at 216-401-9129,

Looking forward to see you soon,

Toby Rosenberg

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