Toby’s Tish Spring 2013 Organic Boxed Produce

Hello everyone!

The spring boxed organic produce session will be only 8 weeks. For The first 2 weeks in April there will be no produce first because of the end of Passover and then because I will be out of town with my family.

Because the weather will be much warmer now than the fall and winter session, produce should be picked up in the early afternoon or consider also using the delivery service this session if you can’t get to my house in time. You may pick up later but I can’t be responsible for produce ruined in the heat.

The session will run from April 15th to June 3rd. Like last session, you can choose the number of weeks you would like produce. This way if you know you will be out of town certain weeks, you can still enjoy my service. Pricing is as follows:

8 week $205
7 weeks $185
6 weeks $165
5 weeks $145
4 weeks $115
3 weeks $90
2 weeks $65
1 week $35

For the last week of May, produce will be available on Tuesday, May 28th instead of Monday due to Memorial day.

Please mark your calendars with the dates that you sign up. Feel free to email me with names of friends or family who are interested in organic produce. This will ensure that we have a large enough group every week for purchasing a nice variety of produce.

If you sign up before April 8th, you save $5. The sign up e-mail will follow shortly.

Please make checks out to Toby’s Tish and mail them to 3013 Old Brainard Rd., Pepper Pike, OH 44124 or bring your check on the first day you pick up produce.

If you have any questions or need more info on the boxed organic produce service I provide, feel free to email me back or call me at 216-401-9129.

Have a great weekend!


Toby Rosenberg

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