Toby’s Tish Organic Boxed Produce Winter 2013

I hope everyone who received produce for the fall session enjoyed the fresh, organic produce as much as I did. The winter session of Toby’s Tish Organic Boxed Produce will be 12 weeks starting January 4th and lasting through March 24th. You can sign up for as many or as few weeks as you want. Please remember to mark your calendars with the dates you sign up.

Toby’s Tish provides fresh organic, produce directly from the food terminal every Monday. My goal is to provide 2 fruits, 2 greens (lettuce and kale, collards or swiss chard) and alternate root vegetables and salad veggies. Usually I can get 8-10 different kinds of produce. Sometimes, I can get more than that if there are seconds. Seconds are aesthetically unpleasing or older produce which cannot be sold in stores but are priced very reasonably. For example, in the fall session, we got some funny looking but delicious tasting pomegranates for almost nothing. Because the prices are so good on the seconds, they are worthwhile even if you have to throw some of it out. If there is produce you don’t want in your box, please indicate this on your sign up form.

Produce is ready for pick up on Monday at noon, but you are welcome to pick up until 9:00PM. The only exception is the last week of the session which will take place on Sunday, March 24th instead of Monday the 25th because Passover starts Monday night. This will give everybody a chance to use their produce for the holiday. The produce boxes are usually on my front porch. When the temperature is below freezing, I keep the produce boxes in my garage. You may enter my house at the side door and go into the garage to get your box. I also have delivery available for some parts of Shaker, Beachwood, Pepper Pike and University Heights for an additional $5 each week.

I have received mixed feedback with respect to the size of the boxes. Some people commented that there is sometimes less produce in the box than in previous years. This is true because the price of produce has generally gone up meaningfully (though sometimes the box will be quite full if we get a lot of seconds). On the other hand, some people still say that the amount in one box is too much for them to use. For now, the price of the box will remain as is. If you would like extra produce, you might consider getting a double box a couple of times in the session. I can work out a deal for you if you are interested. If the boxes have been too big for you, consider finding a neighbor or friend to share your box.

Have a happy new year!


Toby Rosenberg

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