Organic Boxed Produce

Hello everybody!

I’m excited to offering organic boxed produce again. I got very caught up with Jewish holidays this year, but I am beginning to have produce on Monday, October 29th.

I’d like to try something new this session to allow more people to benefit from this service. I have found that some customers don’t sign up if they know they will be out of town for some of the weeks of a session. In order to allow more people to benefit from my service, I will allow people to customize the weeks that they want to get produce when they sign up.

Here is the pricing:

1 week $30
2 weeks $59
3 weeks $83
4 weeks $108
5 weeks $133
6 weeks $157
7 weeks $180
8 weeks $206
9 weeks $230
10 weeks $255 October 29 – December 31st

In the sign up e-mail, there will be a place for you to indicate which weeks you want produce.

In addition, produce prices have been going up and so I have noticed that I have not been able to put as much produce in the boxes. During this session, I’d like to hear feedback as to whether or not I should increase the price by $5 so the boxes can be fuller again.

Look for the sign up e-mail coming next. Remember, if you sign up before Friday, October 26th, you get $5 off. You are welcome to bring your payment on Monday, October 29th, when you pick up your first box. Otherwise, mail payments to:

Toby’s Tish
3013 Old Brainard
Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

Some customers, who are unable to use a full box each week, have found that partnering with someone for this service works best. The pairs alternate weeks for picking up produce. Simply bring payments from both families the first week.

If anyone is interested in helping with produce delivery in exchange for a discounted produce box, please be in touch with me.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call me 216-401-9129. Feel free to forward this message to any of your friends or neighbors or have them call me.


Toby Rosenberg

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