Organic Produce for Monday, December 26th

Good afternoon! Produce is on the front porch today. Three of the boxes are labeled that they have more fruit and only 2lbs of carrots instead of 4lbs. Pick the box you like best.

Today’s 2nds are grapefruit and green peppers. There are a few extra grapefruit on the bench for anyone to take.

I got a great secret ingredient for greens from Debbie Moskowitz, one of the people in our group. The secret is (drumroll please)……ume plum vinegar!! When you sauté a bunch of greens you throw in a splash of ume (1T) and it make it into the most amazing dish. I sauteed some onion and the stalks of swiss chard first. Then I threw in the greens of the chard with the ume and steamed it for a couple minutes more. Wow! I ate whole dish as my lunch. I plan on trying it again with kale (minus the stalks) this week. You can buy Eden brand ume vinegar at Whole Foods.

Enjoy the end of the year. If you haven’t signed up for produce, you’re still welcome to join. Just send in your e-mail form.

Happy New Year!


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