Organic produce for Monday, December 19th

Good morning everyone!

Produce is back outside on the porch today, because it is just barely warm enough outside.

No 2nds today, but we did get 1/2 credit this week for the not so great tomatoes last week.

This week tomatoes and cucumbers came in this morning fresh off the truck, so some of the tomatoes are not ripe. I guess it’s the only way to get tomatoes in the winter.

Again, this week, I got butternut squash and there are not enough for everyone. I put extra produce in boxes with no butternut squash. Please let me know if you want the butternut squash and I will mark your name on a box as soon as I can.

For some of you, this is your last week of produce for the session. Thank you for being part of our organic produce group. I hope you’ve enjoyed the variety of produce.

For everyone, this Saturday, December 24th is the deadline to get your discount on signing up for produce. You don’t have to get your money in, just e-mail the form back to me so I know you’ve committed to the group. We need a minimum of 12 people to move forward with next session. Thank you to the people who have signed up already.

I wish everyone more time this winter break to creatively use their produce. Maybe some greens hidden in the latkes!

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!


Toby Rosenberg

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