Organic produce box for Monday, December 12th

Good afternoon everyone!

I’ve finally moved the boxes inside my garage because it’s below freezing even though it’s so sunny and bright out! So, come through my side door, through the mudroom and the garage door is on the right. You’re welcome to pop in and say hello too!

We got lots of 2nds today: lemons, limes, pear, apple, cucumber and cauliflower. The apples are pretty bruised, but they will be great for applesauce or apple crisp. You can even add in the pear.

Last week, I felt that the cucumbers we got were really in the 2nds category, even though we payed full price for them. I was able to get us a $20 credit for this week. Also, as we were loading the tomatoes into my van this week, we noticed that some had a few bad spots. Next week, we’ll get credited for 1/2 the amount of the tomatoes. If you ever feel like produce is not up to par, (not the 2nds), let me know. I will try to determine if you were just the unucky one or if everyone’s was bad. If it’s just you, I will give you something extra the following week. If it’s the group, I will make sure to get us credited.

There were not enough butternut squash for everyone because they were big and we had a lot of people in our group this week. I gave the cauliflower to whoever did not get squash. I also tried to add a little extra to the cauliflower people’s boxes since being 2nds, cauliflower is not equivalent to the squash. If anyone missed getting the squash and wants some, please e-mail me and I will get it again next week for you.

With all the 2nds and the extra money we got credited, the boxes look really nice and full. I hope you enjoy them.

Next week I plan on getting a 5# bag of potatoes/box so you have plenty of potatoes for latkes. Also, I offer organic latke batter $20/gallon and organic latkes $1.25/piece or $1/piece if you buy a dozen or more. I will make your batter/latkes fresh for that day (except Shabbat), but please provide me with 2 days notice.

Have a great week.


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