Organic produce for January, February and March of 2012

It’s time to start thinking about the next session of produce. I am only doing 12 weeks of organic produce boxes because I am due to have a baby at the beginning of April. The session will run from January 2nd thru March 26th. Depending on when the baby comes and how I feel, I may do a small session from mid-April thru mid-June.

If you sign up by December 24th, you save $5 off the prices below:

Every week for 12 weeks – $305
Every other week for 6 weeks – $160 starting January 2nd or January 9th
1/2 share every week – $165

One week at a time – $30 (no $5 discount)

If you want to sign up for part of the time, I can work with you on a fair price. The people who sign up for the entire 12 weeks get the best price, because it is these people who allow us all to buy in bulk from the terminal on a regular basis.

Following this e-mail, I will be e-mailing a sign up form. Please submit it by December 24th for the discount.


Toby Rosenberg

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