Organic Produce Boxes for Monday, November 14th

Good morning everyone!

Today we have 2nds! Pineapple and celery hearts!! There are are some extras on the bench. Help yourself.

I learned that pineapples should be laid on their sides to ripen, otherwise the bottom gets moldy. Also, when the leaves pull out easily and/or the pineapple smells good it’s ready. I hope these are good even though they are 2nds. The stores rejected them because the leaves don’t look very nice, but the inside may be great. At the very least, if they are not tasty they can always be chopped in the food processor to use in a carrot cake or simply frozen in chunks for smoothies.

FYI, some boxes have Kobucha (a type of squash similar to acorn squash (use it the same way)) and some have kale. Pick your favorite. Next week, I will try to get squash for everyone.

Last week, I posted a soup recipe that used the collards in your box. I tried it and everyone (my brother, his wife and her sister) enjoyed the soup. For those of you with kale this week, I’m sure you can substitute kale. I was impressed with the recipe because collards are pretty tough, but they were tender in the soup. If anyone loses my e-mails, you can always look up old recipes at my website, . If you google Toby’s Tish, it pops right up.

My shopping list so far for next week is as follows:

1. cranberries
2. broccoli (there was none this week)
3. spinach (there was none this week)
4. potatoes
5. squash
6. oranges (if not too expensive)
7. apples

If anyone has any requests for Thanksgiving, let me know.

If anyone has boxes, please drop them off when you pick up your produce. Thanks so much.



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