Organic Produce for Monday, October 17th

Good morning everyone! Great day for 2nds. We have lemons, radishes (just cut off the greens (yellows)), parsley, and tomatoes. There are a few other things (celery and cauliflower) that are 2nds and some extras that didn’t get divided on the bench to the left of my front door. Please help yourself. The tomatoes are great to add to the base of a soup.

I didn’t explain very well last week that the reason it’s so great to drink lemon water to keep your body pH basic is because cancer can’t survive in a basic environment. Cancer can grow and spread in a body that is acidic from stress, processed foods and environmental toxins. That’s why I’m always excited to get lemons!

The acorn squash is still local, but pretty much the season for local is coming to an end.

Purple cabbage in your box is great to use in salads. Just thinly slice a small chunk of it for your salad. Purple cabbage can easily last for a month in your fridge and be added to salads everyday.

I hope everyone’s ok with kale again. I was trying for collards but they were out. I’m making lots more kale chips. Also, this week’s kale looks better than last time.

No new recipes this week, but feel free to post your ideas to the group.



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