How’s your lettuce?

Hi Toby,

I had some bugs in the lettuce, but I’d say a normal amount (for organic). My kale was so bitter though I could not eat it and did throw it out sadly. I think I like the curly kale better.

My red pepper was half rotten (from the bottom), but a salvaged the top half.

I think all this stuff is pretty normal. It is hard to know some things are going to taste/hold up at a quick glance.

I was very happy with my box and look forward to the suprises each week.

Thanks sooooo much Toby!


On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 1:56 PM, Toby Rosenberg <tobysontherun> wrote:

I enjoyed my lettuce immensely and finished it in 2 days. There were no bugs in mine when I washed and tore up the leaves. Did anyone have any bug problems? I’m trying to determine if there was an isolated incident or if the problem was throughout the box we received from the food terminal. If most of the case is buggy, we can get credited for next week.
Also, my butternut squash vegetable soup turned out delicious. Be sure to reduce the amount of vegetable stock from 20 cups to 10 cups or your soup may be too watery.


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