Boxed Organic Produce for Fall Season from Toby’s Tish

Hello everybody!

I hope everyone had an awesome summer. I know I did because I got lots of fresh local produce some of which I picked myself. I picked strawberries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries and peaches! From my own small garden, I got herbs, tomatoes and lots of melons! I still have to see if the melons are any good. They grew by accident from my compost, but they grew great on their own.

The fall session will be 15 weeks long starting from Monday, September 19th until Monday, December 26th.

Every week – $380
Every other week – $205
1/2 Share every week – $230

Pay as you go – $30/week
Delivery – $5/week

Because Monday, December 26th is the week of everyone’s Winter break, I am giving you the option to skip that week. If you choose not to get produce that week, deduct $25 from your total.

To sign up for produce, please complete the e-mail form that will arrive shortly after this e-mail. Submit the form before September 15th and save $5!

I look forward to seeing everyone again this fall. Any questions? Feel free to call me at 216-401-9129.


Toby Rosenberg

P.S. You are welcome to forward this e-mail to any of your friends that may be interested in organic produce and/or direct them to my site

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