Organic produce for Monday, March 28th

Good morning everyone! Thank you to everyone who signed up and sent in their payment.

Today there are no 2nds. This time of year the growing areas are changing. As a result, produce is more costly and it seems that 2nds are scarce. Hopefully, next week will be better.

I tried to get potatoes for today, but they only had a small amount left. The few boxes that did not get 3 potatoes got an extra onion, apple and orange.

Last week (and a couple weeks before), I got mangoes to give you variety and because they are in season. Mine have been ok, but part of them have been rotten. Someone else had the same experience, but another member loved their mangoes. What is your opinion? Should I try again or give up on them? Champagne mangoes are coming into season and I will try those soon.

Here’s what I plan on getting next week if it is available. Feel free to e-mail me if you’d prefer something else.

1. kale
2. spinach
3. matchstick carrots – someone requested this
4. tomatoes
5. potatoes
6. apples
7. bananas
8. broccoli
9. sweet potatoes
10. cucumbers

If you have any boxes, please bring them back.

Have a great day!


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