Organic Produce for Monday February 21st

Good morning everyone!

I have no power today, so I had to unlatch my garage door to get out to go to the food terminal!

Today’s 2nds are blueberries and blackberries. The guy at the terminal was enjoying them and so are my kids. You probably need to eat them today or freeze them. It was such a shame to see so many berries gone bad in one place. The ones I got looked pretty good, but the strawberries with their moldy fuzz were scary!

By accident, I also got some Minneola oranges from 2nds that are not organic. For that reason, I did not put them in your boxes. However, I left them in a box in the garage. Help yourself. I ate some already and they were delicious.

All the boxes have broccoli or mushrooms. So choose your box according to your preference.

I had a request for artichokes, so I hope everyone enjoys this treat. The ones I’ve had have been great without dressing. Just steam them in water with salt until tender and enjoy.

Lastly, we have collards. I know people are at a loss as to how to eat this green. I’ve used them as a great substitute for bread. Remove the spines and wash the collard greens. Take your favorite spread or pate and put it on the collard green. Add your favorite veggies (raw, marinated, or grilled). Roll it up and you have a real veggie wrap. Alternating greens is important because every green has different vitamins and minerals. If the greens are too hard for you, you can steam them a little before using them as a wrap.
Have a great day!


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