Organic Produce for Monday, February 14th

Good morning everyone!. It’s so nice and warm outside. Watch out for the ice in my drive though!

Today’s 2nds are grapefruit, butternut squash, acorn squash, celery and cauliflower. There were not enough celery and cauliflower, so everyone got one or the other.

The greens today are swiss chard. You can sautee them in olive oil with garlic and salt. As someone pointed out, one whole bunch serves only 2, so even if your kids don’t like it, there’s just enough for a couple. As your kids watch you enjoy eating your swiss chard, they will at least know that this vegetable exists.
Knowledge is the first step, before tasting!!

One way to use butternut squash quickly is to cube it and roast it like potatoes in the oven on a pan. You can add cinnamon and salt for a sweet roasted treat, or you can go the traditional route and add garlic powder, onion powder and salt. Bake it at 350-400F for 30 to 40 minutes. Flip them around every 15 minutes or so to prevent burning.

I’m planning on baking my butternut squash whole and stuffing the middle with quinoa for dinner.

If you’re really ambitious or love baking, butternut squash or acorn squash can be used in place of pumpkin for pumpkin pie or muffins. You simple bake the squash whole for about an hour and scoop out the middle.

Just so you know, they were out of mushrooms and cucumbers were unavailable.

Next Section
I’m starting to work on the schedule for the second section of produce. Originally, I was planning to have 12 weeks like this section. However, this will take us into the 2nd week of June. The weather may be too hot for the produce to keep well for people who pick up in the evening. Some of the options are:

1. Have a 10 week section ending in May
2. For the 2 weeks of June, have people get delivery if they can’t pick up in the early afternoon
3.For the 2 weeks of June, have the produce ready on Sunday when people are able to pick up produce earlier

I’d love to hear of other options or what works best for you.

Have a great day!


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