Organic Produce Monday January 24th

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is staying warm. It was 3 degrees outside when I went down to the food terminal.

Today’s 2nds are celery, grapefruit and zucchini. If the celery is getting to be too much or anything else for that matter, please give me a heads up.

There have been requests for mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. I got some mushrooms, but they didn’t have as much as I asked for. Also, there were no vine tomatoes today. In general, this is a bad time of year for tomatoes. Honestly, I don’t think the grape tomatoes have been that good, but it seems like people always want some kind of tomato in their salad. I can forget about tomatoes for a few weeks if enough people respond in agreement with me. Otherwise, I will get them again, because someone did request them. I have been getting spinach, but this week they were out. I will try for these items again next week.

Also, I won’t be carrying eggs anymore because there was not enough demand.

For those wondering what to do with the "green stuff" also called swiss chard, you can use the whole bunch to make wilted greens. First, remove the stems and wash the leaves. Sautee some garlic in olive oil on high heat. Add the swiss chard until it is completely wilted. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve the wilted greens underneath a slice of salmon for a gourmet meal. You can also add feta cheese.

If you’re into smoothies, you can add 1/2 -1 swiss chard leaf to any smoothie to boost the vitamin content without changing the flavor too much. (You will change the color). As you get used to it, you can add more. Chocolate smoothies hide greens the best if you’re planning to feed this to your kids.

Good luck experimenting!


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