Information regarding organic boxed produce starting January

Dear Friends,

I have been enjoying buying produce for you and your family each week and because I believe it is important for us all to eat well, I would like to be able to provide healthy organic produce to as many families as I can. When I first started this service, I did not intend to turn this into a business but, as it keeps growing, I am finding myself bogged down by accounting and keeping track of whose getting produce each week. Therefore, I have come up with a new system to assist me.

Starting January 2011, I am offering two 12-week sections. Delivery/pickup is on Monday except where specified.

  • Section I begins January 3rd and end March 21st. For the Mondays of Martin Luther King and Presidents’ day, produce will likely be delayed until Tuesday. I will clarify as we get closer to the date.
  • Section begins March 28th and end June 13th. For Monday, April 18th, delivery/pickup will be on Sunday, April 17th and and for Monday, April 25th delivery will be on Wednesday, April 27th.

$300 – 1 box every week for 12 weeks
$160- 1 box every other week for 12 weeks
$180 – 1/2 box every week for 12 weeks
$112 to $140 – price varies based on number of weeks in the month
$30/box – week to week
Add $5 per week for delivery, if desired

Unfortunately, once a commitment is made, I cannot accept cancellations if you do not need produce one week (e.g., you will be on vacation). I recommend that you try to find a friend willing to take your box or, on occasion, I might be willing to buy your box back from you at half price. If you will not be out of town on a particular Monday, I can keep your produce in my garage until the next day (this only works in the winter months).

Please contact me by phone if committing to a 12 week section is a financial hardship and I can try to work something out with you.

Please make checks payable to Toby’s Tish, 3013 Old Brainard Rd., Pepper Pike, OH 44124. Cash is always welcome.

Following this e-mail will be a form for you to sign up.

Thanks so much. Together, can feed our families better.


Toby Rosenberg

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